International Guides

Yasemin Konuralp

Turkey Yacht Guide

Yasemin has led ROW groups since 1993 with consistently rave reviews. Formerly a school teacher, she now enjoys the informal classroom of adventure travel. On board she offers guests the chance to learn the Turkish alphabet and language,and has been affectionately called a "Fountain of Knowledge." She has a specific interest in wild flowers and is currently writing a book on the subject. She lives in Antalya with her husband and daughter.

Alper Ertubey

Turkey Yacht Guide

Alper was a member of one of the first graduating classes of Turkey's professional guide training program in addition to his degree in Engineering. His open, warm personality, stories, singing and endless energy make Alper a favorite among our guests. When he is not leading tours he spends his time investigating new sites and local establishments, traveling throughout Turkey, as well as training other guides. He winters in Istanbul and visits the US frequently.

Ersin Ozdemir

Turkey Yacht Guide

For those who love great discussions on a variety of topics, Ersin is your man. His varied background includes time spent as a professional basketball and soccer player, degrees in business management and classical archaeology, and living abroad. Ersin has been involved in travel both as a guide and manager since 1984. His experience leading special group tours of students, religious groups tracing Christian or Jewish heritage in Turkey and outdoor pursuits gives him a wide set of resources to pull from. His smile reaches from ear to ear, especially when his guests go home happy.

Andres Trujillo

Galapagos Trip Leader

Born in the capital city of Colombia, Bogotá DC, Andrés moved to Ecuador at the age of 4 with his family, and was raised on a farm surrounded by forests, animals, beaches, riding horses. When he was 12 years old, Andrés and his family moved to the capital city of Ecuador, Quito, where he began his studies. Andrés is a knowledgeable guide with a background in music, Ecology and tourism. He has more than a decade of experience tour leading in the country, began guiding in the Amazon rain forest as a naturalist and then as a bird guide, after some years he became a freelance guide covering the country doing Galapagos, Amazon, cloud forests, and the Andes regions. Now he is starting to guide abroad, in countries like Colombia. He likes to play drums with his band, photography, bird watching, scuba diving, kayaking, fly-fishing and rock climbing, but prefers moving around to different areas and going to new places all the time.

Colin Coon

Sea Kayak Adventures Guide

Guiding since 2010: Ontario, British Columbia, New Zealand, Norway.

Born in Ontario, Colin developed a love of the wilds while running amok with his three brothers on family camping adventures. From his early days on summer camp canoeing trips, he’s since traveled around the world, including to 10 different countries in the last year alone. He’s a passionate mountaineer whose most memorable outdoor encounters include kayaking surrounded by whales and dolphins in Johnstone Strait. Colin’s got a Bachelor of Science in Physics from McMaster University and will happily explain quantum mechanics (and its impact on the real world) to anyone who’s ready and willing to listen!

Tomas Palma

Galapagos Trip Leader

Born in the city of Quito, Tomas had his first education in his hometown. With only 17 years of age he traveled to United States to perfect his English and acquired a taste for travelling. It was during this trip that he decided to go to school to study tourism back in Quito obtaining a bachelors degree in Tourist and Hotel Management, it was during this time that he perfected his English and Italian and obtained his National Tour Guide License issued by the Ministry of Tourism in 1993. His passion for nature and geography as well as his outdoor spirit quickly gave him recognition as a tour guide in Ecuador, as he was invited to guide important groups of worldwide personalities brought by the Ministry of Commerce and the Galapagos Foundation to increase worldwide awareness of the vulnerability and need to preserve the Galapagos Archipelago. He also has been the leader for well-known school groups such as Washington University and Stanford Alumni and families. In 2011 he was invited to an expedition in Alaska to train a crew of an important cruise company to lead family groups. Tomas has become one of the most recognized and experienced tour leaders in the country, due to his ability to accommodate each guests needs, good humor, positive attitude and immense knowledge of culture and nature. Nowadays he also runs a beautiful guesthouse in the Andes of Ecuador together with his wife Carolina where they plan to raise their 3 children.

Sebastian Jurado

Galapagos Trip Leader

After growing up in a small town in a valley of the Andes Mountains in Ecuador near the city of Quito, Sebastian decided to travel to Santiago de Chile to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism Administration. His eagerness for travelling took him in a backpacking adventure through Canada and United States for 9 months. Having perfected his English he started guiding in Ecuador in 1998. As a young nature lover interested in natural history and ecology, nature filming, photography, alternative energy, ecotourism development, and outdoor sports his career took an interesting path. From guiding in Ecuador he was invited to manage a prestigious Environmental Education Project in Costa Rica and split his time between working in environmental education in Costa Rica and guiding in Ecuador for five years. Along with his love of nature he has always been fascinated by the cultural diversity of the Andes and in 2004 he began a Master’s Degree program in Social Sciences and Sustainable Development in Cusco, Peru where he also had the chance to lead tours to Manu National Park in the Amazon Basin. He came back to Ecuador to continue guiding and he was invited to be a project advisor for anthropology study abroad programs in Ecuador and in country liaison for Louisiana State University business students.
In 2007, Sebastian participated in the Wilderness Medicine Institute & American Heart Association and successfully completed the course of Wilderness First Aid and CPR. During the last years his experience sea kayaking has made him one of our main sea kayaking leaders in the Galapagos Islands. Due to his experience and knowledge we have him working with us in the development of new programs and training and coordinating guides when he is not guiding on the field. Sebastian has been part of our team since the beginning of his career and we are proud to count with him as part of our expert group of leaders.

John Liley

Barge Owners

The 'Luciole' is owned by John and Penny Liley who, between them have fifty years experience of hotel barging! Previously, John was editor of a leading British yachting magazine, while books he has written include France-the Quiet Way, an exploration of the entire canal and river system of France. These early journeys inspired him to select the Nivernais cruising area and establish the present hotel-barge business in 1976. This was with another barge, 'Secunda', fore-runner to 'Luciole'. Continually updating the fittings and furnishings on board, Penny and John, with Captain Stephane Pignard, ensure the smooth-running of each cruise. Penny first worked on the 'Luciole' as a chef in 1986, and has since played a major role in creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere on 'Luciole', where a feeling of calm and attention to detail is apparent as soon as one steps aboard.

Ivana Grzetic

Dubrovnik City Guide

Ivana was born and raised in Dubrovnik in a "crazy about the sea" family of scuba divers and sea kayakers. She is a graduate of ACMT (American College of Management and Technology) in Dubrovnik. As Miss Universe Croatia 1998 and a fashion model, Ivana traveled all over the world, including Hawaii, California, Hong Kong, China, South Korea and Europe. She now looks forward to sharing her knowledge and love of the Dubrovnik region and the sea with our guests.

Ahmet Ozbek

Turkey Yacht Guide

Ahmet studied law and was trained in the Military Academy as a basic parachuter, jump-master, parachute trainer and for free fall. He participated in gymnastics, tower diving, military pentathlon, orienteering and parachuting teams. For all his athleticism Our guests appreciate his command of history, Turkish and World politics, religion, particularly Islam and the passion he shares for his home. Ahmet has a beautiful voice and a rich repertoire.